Raider Scrum Sled



The Rhino Rugby Raider Sled is ideal for younger, entry level packs. The sled has no moving parts which allow for a safe and easy introduction into the world of scrummaging. This machine is recommended for high school clubs and youth clubs, or clubs with a budget.


  • Weighs 450 lbs, making it slightly lighter than the Rebel sled model
  • Pad height allows for a hit between 18” and 38”
  • Scrum sled will fit in bed of any large truck for easy transportation
  • Overall dimensions: (78”L x 48”W x 38”H), Base Dimensions: (60”L x 48”W)

Additional Information:

  • Thickness and density of the long life foam pads will simulate feeling of real scrum engage
  • Powder coat and paint treated steel frame gives the sled strength and longevity
  • Scrum platform and safety handrail allow for as much weight as needed to be added to the sled; in the form of other bodies, sandbags, etc.


  • Vinyl Cover is great for added protection in wet and snowy environments